We are group of young medical professionals committed to serve the society help the needy to pacify the agony of patients and reduce disease burden on the society impactually by providing the ancient Indian Life sciences -Ayurveda which saved the mankind for over 5000 years.We have our roots firmly in Andhra Pradesh and also professional commitment to promote Indian alternative therapies specially Ayurveda. We have started Sri Visista Multi Specialty Ayurveda Hospital at Hyderabad in 2013 and as of now treated more than 1,00,000 patients and wellness tourists. Our client group includes large number of patients from Gulf, USA and NRIs.

We are First Ayurveda Hospital which provides cashless insurance / Reimbursement for first time in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States for Ayurvedic system through FHPL (Family Health Planning TPA Pvt Ltd), which is one of the leading TPA in India where we can provide cashless treatments for insurance policy holder of reputed corporate companies.

Sri Visista Super Speciality Hospital is a well known Hospital with full-fledged out-patient Department with facilities of consultation in different specialties, regular check-ups, etc. It also possesses well-equipped Panchakarma treatment rooms. We offer time tested treatment programs for chronic, progressive, degenerative diseases.

Our Hospital recorded good success rate in Male Infertility Problems, Anorectal Diseases, Major Chronic Life style disorders , Paralyses , Muscular Dystrophy , Disc Bulges and Fits.

Sri Visista Super Specialty Ayurveda Hospital Services for wide variety of nagging problems with evidence based treatments, non-surgically and without any side effects. Based on our efforts we have reached a milestone of 1200 patients per month with 98% Success rate.

We are the first Ayurvedic hospital for corporate health camps,community awareness programs at Hyderabad covering Life style Chronic disorders along with yoga therapy.


  • Our aim is to provide high standards of care for In-Patients and Out-Patients.
  • To provide holistic treatment which ultimately impact on the Body, Mind and Soul.

Our Achievements

  • Within a span of two years we were recognized by FHPL TPA for providing cashless treatments for insured holder (policy holders) of reputed corporate companies.
  • ISO HYM Quality Care Award 2015
  • TV5 Business Leadership Award 2015 for Healthcare (Ayurveda)
  • Govt Recognition by Issuing CMRF to our patients
  • Recognition by ISO 9001-2008 and has been upgraded us to ISO 9001-2015