Purvakarma treatment

The body undergoes metabolism continuously through which waste products (toxins) are formed, these toxins are known as ‘AMA’. This AMA is the root cause of various diseases. Panchakarma procedure removes AMA from our body in an efficient way without any adverse effects on the body.

Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma to facilitate deep cleansing and healing of the body and mind. The initial stage of Panchakarma therapy is called Purvakarma. You will have greater results from the Panchakarma experience if you follow the Purvakarma directions.

Ayurveda believes that the causes of chronic disease are deep-rooted and imbalances the body. By following this natural purification treatment, can successfully eliminate environmentally toxic substances such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB’s) and pesticides from the body, without any negative side effects.

Purvakarma helps to mobilise and liquefy waste products (ama) from the tissues and to move it out towards the intestines, which then allows the Panchakarma treatments to flush them out.

Precautions: Simply begin with a healthy vegetarian diet. Should avoid all processed, junk and fried foods, sweets, stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and most dairy products.


The science of health and life, Ayurveda divides Purvakarma procedures broadly into three – Pachana, Snehana and Swedana.

Pachana (digestion): In this kind of Purvakarma, drugs are administered to help digest the AMA present in the stomach in the form of molecules of undigested food material. Langhana treatment principle is adopted here in Pachana & also whenever there is a feeling of heaviness in the body. The purpose is to bring about lightness to the body, to clear body channels, to improve circulation and to get rid of morbidity.

Snehana (Oleation):
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Snehan or Oleation therapy helps in loosening the body toxins which are stuck up into our body systems causing ailments. Oleation makes the body soft and disintegrates the toxins. Oleation is of two types – Bahya (External oleation) and Abhyantar (Internal oleation), wherein Internal Oleation Sneha dravya like plain or medicated ghee, oil is taken orally in desirable amount. External Oleation therapy consists of whole or partial body massage with medicated oils. Our skin being semi-permeable absorbs this oil to some extent.

Swedana (fomentation/sweating):
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Swedan or Sudation therapy is sweating induced by steam, it liquefies the toxins and increases the flow of toxins to Gastrointestinal tract (Koshtha). There are various ways of applying swedan therapy like Nadi Sweda, Pinda Sweda, Patra pottali, Valuka Sweda, etc the type of Sweda to be used is selected according to the patient and the disease he is suffering from.

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