A non surgical treatment to troublesome Sinusitis in all age groups

Sinusitis is a common health problem. Hyperbolically we can say that every person suffers

from sinusitis at least once in his/her lifetime. This is caused by bacteria or viral infection.


Allergy, smoke, toxic pollution, environmental pollution, sudden changes in the climate ,winter, rainy season, swimming when there is mist in the air, eating or drinking cold food, throat pain, decayed tooth, tonsils, weakened immune system are the main causes.

What is sinusitis?

Sinus is hollow spaces behind the bones of your face filled with air. Sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling of the tissue lining in the sinuses. In ayurveda this is called “Dushta Pratishyaya”.


Blocked nose, head ache in some head ache starts before sunrise, pain increases till afternoon and subsides by evening.

Running nose, swelling in the face, congestion of nose, itching in the nasal area, discharge from the nose, cough, cold, puss in the ear, low self esteem, anger, fatigue, less concentration.

Symptoms of acute sinusitis:

Sometimes it might take weeks, months and years together for sinusitis to be cured.

Effects of negligence:

When sinusitis is neglected it might cause migraine, and effect eye sight, taste ,sound, sense organs. It also causes wrinkles on the face and greying of hair.


Rinsing your mouth often with Luke warm water, maintaining a safe distance from allergy causing things like dust and hay. Keeping the surroundings clean.  By keeping a cotton ball in the ear to block cold air from passing into the ea . Taking steam of turmeric and water .while taking the steam one should take deep breaths. Avoid alcohol. Eat balanced diet. Increase body’s immune system by doing exercises, taking good food, medicines and rest. Be away from people with respiratory infections.

If you have severe head ache, or pain on either side of nose and eyes or if there is discolouration in the nasal discharge or unpleasant  smell and  if you feel tastelessness, you should immediately consult your doctor.


In my experience I had shown permanent solution to hundreds of people suffering from sinusitis and it gives me immense happiness. With our special treatments, we show solutions and treat in three four months time without any side effects. As a part of treatment we take into consideration the patients psychological, physical, and food habits and give Ayurvedic treatment accordingly. For this treatment patient will have to come to Vasista Hospital for 7-10 days and use medicines for 3-4 months. If they follow the diet regime given by us they will get authentic results.


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