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Premature Ejaculation, a social stigma –Tips and Treatments.

Premature ejaculation has become a social stigma. According to statistics 405 of men have this problem. Premature ejaculation results in anxiety and men lose their self confidence and self esteem. It leaves women dissatisfied and distressed. They look down at the man. This leads to depression and anxiety in men. As a result they lose concentration on their work and the goals that have to be achieved. Many families are facing this problem. This might be reason for divorce also in many cases.

“With our vast experience we give accurate treatment to this premature ejaculation problem.”

If the problem is not very serious we give them some small tips to follow and many get rid of this problem with these simple tips without any side effects.

Let’s first see what is premature ejaculation? When should we treat this as a problem? And what are the causes?

We mostly see this problem in men with prejudice about sex, performance anxiety, men who work under stress, IT employees, and diabetic patients.

“Premature ejaculation means ejaculation happening before sexual penetration has been achieved or within about a minute of penetration”.

Main reason for early ejaculation is because of ‘ vata’ according to ayurveda. When vata increases in body, sensitivity increases in sensory organs. This hyper sensitivity affects the skin on penis and premature ejaculation occurs. Anxiety and fear worsens this problem. When cholesterol is deposited in the blood cells near men’s genital organs or weakness in sphincter muscles may also cause this problem.


Psychological causes:

*performance anxiety

*Anxiety and unrealistic expectations about sexual performance.

*Economic, social and family disturbances.

*Long gap between each intercourse


  • Use of testosterone injections than the advised quantity is harmful
  • Frequent use of ant depressants, Antacids, antibiotics should be avoided
  • Masturbation
  • Stopping of urine and motion for long periods
  • Using of tight jeans and under wears

Food habits

*Consumption of meat which was given hormonal injections, consumption of fruits and vegetables which are chemically fertilized show adverse effects on health.

Physiological causes


*Urinary infections

*Infections in prostate glands

*Hormonal imbalance

*Sexually transmitted diseases

*Intestinal problems and presence of IBS

*Neck and Back pain

*Diabetes, Blood pressure , Obesity


Follow anyone of these tips for 40 days and if you don’t find relief from your problem we will treat you with our specialized ayurvedic treatments.

Soak 10 almonds in water at night, remove the outer skin, make a paste and mix it in a glass of boiled cow milk along with a pinch of cardamom powder and a pinch of saffron. Add mishri and drink early in the morning.
Boil two spoons of ’Satavari choorna’ in a glass of fresh cow milk, add mishri and drink twice a day.
Eat raw garlic pod on empty stomach.
Urinate before participating in sex.
Consume more of milk, eggs, vegetables ,fruits, cereals, soya and honey.
Exercises, pranayama , kegel’s exercise .Knowledge of stop and start technique, Squeeze technique is important.
With our vast experience we have treated hundred’s of patients and showed them permanent solution to this problem .It gives us immense happiness. With our specialized treatments, our patients return home with no problem in 2-3 months. As a part of this treatment we take into consideration patients physical, psychological, food habits and give treatment accordingly.