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Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc Problems?

Causes of Disc Problems

Slip Disc also called Spinal Disc Herniation is medical condition that affects spine where a tear in outer fibrous ring of inter vertebral disc allows the soft, central portion called nucleus pulposus to bulge out. The tear in disc ring can result in release of inflammatory chemical mediators that may cause severe pain. A slip disc is normally further development of previously existing disc protrusion where outermost layers of annulus fibrosus are intact but can bulge at times where disc is under pressure.

Causes – Slipped Disc

Slip disc can be caused because of many issues including :

General wear and tear in jobs that require constant sitting
Jobs that require lifting
Lifting while bent at waist
Herniation of disc contents into spinal canal also occur when front side of disc is compressed while sitting or bending forward and contents get pressed against tightly stretched and thinned annulus fibrosis membrane on rear of the disc.



The symptoms of slip discs include patients complaining of sharp, cutting pain, low back pain that is present in back and continues down leg that is served by affected nerve. The pain may get worse as it moves down affected leg with the onset of pain with herniated disc occurring by tearing or snapping sensation in spine.

Ayurveda Management of Slip Disc Cases

In the ancient medical science of Ayurveda, the use of herbal treatment has been known to do wonders in treating the cases related to various orthopedic conditions like slip disc. Here, the therapy choices depend upon :

Nature of diseased person (Prakriti)
State of Agni
Types of ongoing disease process
State of manifested condition
The treatment processes of orthopedic disorders include Charaka Samhita where the Ayurveda herbal formulations are used in modern convenient dosage forms to treat the orthopedic disorder present at different stages. Other than this, Panchakarma therapy may also be used which is known to be effective for treating bone & joint disorders.

With severe back pain in Ayurveda called Kadeegraham, Slip Disc which is a serious medical condition falls under this group of aliment. Also called Sandhivislesham or Asthi Chyudi, the Ayurvedic Slipped Disc treatment includes

Setting bone alignment
Healing procedure for restored disc
Strengthening affected area and rejuvenating the whole spine
Taking/advising meditation and medication support
The physicians at our end, besides treating the disorder by Ayurvedic means also suggest patients personalized yoga & pranayama technique as well as modifications required in life-style & dietary habits for ensuring best recovery possibility.

Ayurvedic medicines
Ayurvedic panchakarma therapy
Ayurvedic herbs massage and body therapy sessions