The troublesome summer disease-prostate gland infection and treatments

Prostate gland is a gland present near the male bladder and prostate related problems are very important. Lack of knowledge in men about this problem leads to late diagnosis. Many young men do not recognise it on time and they might experience severe anxiety, early ejaculation, low sperm count resulting in infertility. Chronic prostate infection might lead to prostate cancer and become life threatening, according to scientists.

Prostate gland

The prostate is located between male bladder and back of penis. It produces a thick, white fluid in the semen. This contains citric acid, phosphatise, prostic acid and prosta glandis . In semen 13-33% fluid is produced by prostate gland which is important for the movement of sperm. Of all the other prostate related problems prostate gland infection is significant.

Prostate gland infection (Prostatitis)

Men in the age group of 18-45 years are mostly seen with this infection. Men with prostate infection refuse marriage, are reluctant towards sex, might consider it as HIV and get tensed and this can cause anxiety and depression.


Bacteria gets into the prostate through urethra, if urine flows back into the prostate ducts. Through blood and lymph glands also prostate glands are infected and inflamed. Main reasons for prostate gland infections are masturbation, stopping of urine for long time, IBS, fistula, diabetes, infection in the skin present on the tip of penis.


Chills in fever, frequent urination, pain during urination, pain after ejaculation, burning sensation during urination, severe back ache, muscle pain, may notice blood in urine or semen, finding jelly like fluid produced by prostate gland in urine, reduced urine flow, bad odour of urine, pain in the tip of penis, low sperm count and low sperm movement resulting in infertility. These symptoms led to depression and psychological problems.


When experienced doctors examine the patients lower abdomen they find painful prostate and recommend tests like Semen Analysis, Semen culture, ultra sound abdomen, complete urine examination, urine culture, and serum PSA, and testosterone levels.


Patients with prostate gland infection should avoid junk foods, mutton, beef, wheat, alcohol and smoking. Tomato, Soya beans, pomegranate, fish, green tea, cauliflower, almonds, cashew should be consumed more.


Men with prostate gland infections have anxiety and have chronic pelvic pain (pain in the lower abdomen).Depending upon the seriousness of the disease and with our experience we give accurate treatments. As a part of treatment patients should take special treatments given at Sri Visista Ayurveda Hospitals for 10-14 days. They should use medicines for 3-5 months.Symptoms like pain in the panis, pain during urination, erectile dysfunction  are minimized in two months time. Though these symptoms are reduced medicines should be continued. Patients whose infection is not chronic are treated by medicines alone.

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